Divorce / Family Mediation Divorce by Mediation Orlando Florida

Divorce is already not an easy process and using the adversarial court system (litigation) makes getting a divorce much harder than it needs to be.  Divorce litigation is expensive, harms already strained relationships, and often has enduring negative effects on everyone in the family.

Before going through the divorce process or going back to court for custody issues and spending thousands of dollars on attorney’s fees, consider Mediation, it will save you time and money.

Our Florida Supreme Court Certified Family Mediators can help divorcing couples avoid a lengthy adversarial legal divorce process, which can be extremely expensive. A family mediator will work closely with either self-representing litigants or their attorneys during divorce.

We can also assist with “Post” or “In suit” divorce disputes such as modification to support, visitation, or revising a Parenting Plan to reflect a current workable schedule.

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